Heather Muise
The role transformation and change plays in the universe, whether it is purely accidental as in the case of mutation driven by environmental responses, caused by mistranslation of information, or driven by a more imaginative and alchemical impulse compels Muise’s creative research.

Her work takes many physical forms: painting, sculpture, print, paper cut, and fiber, and it often includes a heavy dose of black humor, irony or is viewed through a pseudo-scientific lens.

In her latest series of prints, Muise acts as a recording mechanism as well as an agent of change. Using commercially produced stencils, line art, architectural tools, tracing, copying, scanning, photography, Xerox machines and other forms of image reproduction to create images surrounding the topics of transformation and transmutation, including cloning, tumor growth, alchemy and religion. By allowing matrices and image reproduction techniques to alter, translate, or degrade the image information, certain transformations/changes/mutations to are permitted and encouraged to happen and propagate in a life cycle of their own.